Why Us Ladies Should Never Deny Our Hunger!

Ladies, let's talk hunger!  It's shocking how many of us deny our hunger in the effort to lose weight by following some strict diet regime.  The problem with constantly denying your hunger, is that it almost always leads to a period of overeating.  We remain in this diet - ignore hunger - binge eat- loop.  All this accomplishes is to put us in a constant state of failure and shame.  If you are a follower of Brene Brown, you know that growth and change simply cannot occur when we are stuck in failure and shame.  

I have been there... a bloated mess, lying on the living room floor after a binge eating episode.  Not only is this not my best moment in life, I feel disgusting not only physically, but emotionally.  Then comes the shame.  I question why I continue to put myself through this self-defeating cycle.  Do you see how diet culture is designed for you to fail?  To keep you small?  Like the great Maya Angelou said, "when you know better, do better."  Do it for yourself queen.  Your life is 💯 your making.   

On a more spiritual or energetic level, denying your hunger causes you to disconnect from and stop listening to your body.  This is detrimental to us ladies on so many levels.  When we stop listening to our hunger, we become shut off to our passion, our creativity.  Self-trust is broken each time you deny your body's hunger.  Know that every time you connect with your body, you are rebuilding sacred self-trust and attuning with your body's satiety cues. 

Your body is your home in this 3D reality.  It is important that you respect it and treat it with dignity.  The next time you feel those hunger pangs, I want you to honour your body and eat.    

Yours in good health!  🥳

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