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Why Lightworkers Struggle

Chances are if you are reading this, you are dedicated to your ascension and to that of those around you.  A common trap we can fall into as spiritual seekers, is that the road to 5D consciousness should be all rainbows and butterflies.  The truth is, the journey ahead will have challenges and be demanding at times.  I want you to understand that there is a reason for this.  

The Universe will always bring something to you in order to accelerate your growth.  If you want to make any sort of lasting change in your life, whether it be with your health, business, or personal life, etc.  You need to be 💯 honest with yourself.  By being open, honest, and looking at your shadow side, you bring awareness to the areas you need to work on in order to overcome any challenge or road block that you will undoubtedly face along the way.  I want you to understand that you have the tools within to improve any situation, hit personal goals, and create an elevated reality.  Don't let any challenges hold you back from progressing in life.  See them as an opportunity to learn and grow.  

The challenges us lightworkers face are unique to each and every one us because we all have our own Akash, that holds the memory of all our past lifetimes on this planet.  For us old souls, there is a lot in our Akash that needs to acknowledged, in order to be cleared.  As these old traumas surface, whether through dreams or our interactions in 3D reality, we need to have compassion so that we can embrace the changes coming.  

What is stopping you from fulfilling your soul purpose and living your ultimate reality?  

We all experience obstacles, blockages, and struggles along the way.  It's a completely natural part of the process.  Brene Brown really hit home for me because she emphasizes the importance to have systems and processes in place for when shit hits the fan.  When you feel paralyzed by fear, or riddled with anxiety and are not sure what to do next, these systems will allow you to move from inaction to action.  I am here for you fellow Starseed.  

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