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Calling All Crystal Lovers

If you found your way to this page, chances are you are a lightworker.  You came to Earth to increase the light on this planet and are most likely an old soul that has been on this journey for centuries.  So what does this have to do with crystals?  Well, if you find yourself attracted to crystals or have crystals all over your home and in your purse, there may be a very good reason for this.  🤔

Have you ever heard of the Earth’s crystalline grid?  It is a multidimensional grid of the ascended Earth, holding the template for 5D consciousness. The crystalline grid connects all beings and our planet with the cosmos and other ascended realms.  As more and more of us lightworkers awaken, the crystalline grid is being activated. 

If you are drawn to crystals, that is because you are remembering your divine nature and crystals are tools that we can use to unlock the gateways to higher dimensions, download ascension codes and awaken to our higher purpose. 

Crystals act as a bridge, enabling us to align with the crystalline grid, helping us shine with high frequency light energy so that we can do the work we came here to do. 

Crystals come in thousands of shapes and colors and each has a unique, grid-like molecular structure that gives them their particular vibration and frequency. We can work with the energy of crystals to balance our energetic body to support healing and ascension. 

During these times of transition, crystals are very grounding as they come from the Earth. On days when you can’t get outside, crystals are a great way to bring Nature indoor and help us stay connected to Mother Earth. 

Please share some of the ways you harness the power of crystals.  Let’s inspire each other. 🙏

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