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The Benefits of Kundalini Dance

Throughout this website, my main purpose is to provide you with different healing modalities and tools that can be used as support while you make the transition into 5D reality.  Do you need any of these tools?  Absolutely not.  However, for those of us who are still learning and growing, these tools can be very beneficial and elevate us to the next chapter in our journey.  

One of the practices I have found to be extremely healing is kundalini dance.  It all started one day while cleaning my apartment.  To get in the mood to clean, I smoke a joint, put on some upbeat music and get to work.  On this particular day, I was so into the song and I just busted out a dance party in my living room.  I mean, I was really going for it.  I felt like I was in Flashdance.  You know what, when I finished, I felt so damn good.  This continues to be one of my wellness rituals.    

Kundalini dance is completely free form.  You dance like no one is watching, you move intuitively with your bodies rhythms, and dance with no boundaries or limitations.  There really are NO rules.  This is your opportunity to close your eyes, get lost in the music and express yourself through body movement.  You will achieve a meditative state, sometimes even ecstasy by getting lost in free form movement.  

The main reason I love kundalini dance is that it gets the energy flowing freely throughout my entire body.  Sometimes, I even experience the release of energy blockages and the opening of blocked chakras.  

I love not following any rules and allowing my body to express itself however it desires.  Some days I have more energy and prefer to whip my hair around.  Other days, I am slow and rhythmic.  It is about moving intuitively with my body, not against it.    

This dance has allowed me to tap into and turn on my intuition.  I am gaining trust in my ability to trust the signals I am receiving from my body.  In a world that has done everything possible to separate us women from our intuitive nature.  I relish the freedom and remembrance kundalini dance brings.  

If you are new to kundalini dance and feel self conscious.  It is best to practice at home alone at first.  Much like embarking on a psilocybin trip, set and setting are  important.  You can set the mood by lighting candles, creating space, and choosing the music.  However, I don't want you to get lost in having to have everything perfect. I have also had some of the best spontaneous dance sessions. I encourage you to always go with the flow.  

Once you feel comfortable, I highly recommend doing kundalini dance with other people.  The collective energy of people expressing themselves freely is contagious and elevating for the soul.  

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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