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The 11 Moon Centres of a Woman

It has long been understood that woman and the moon are closely related.  In many cultures and in many traditions, the moon and its cycles are represented by a woman because its visible cycles mirrored the life of a woman.  The ancients believed that the moon was representative of the triple goddess and her 3 incarnations of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  

In yogic understanding we speak in terms of polarities.  A polarity is a pair of qualities which are opposite, and yet relate to one another in such a way that they define each other; one cannot exist without the other.  The sun and moon are such polarities.  The feminine energy is represented by the moon.  The energy of the moon is reflective, receptive, cooling, and calming.  It is linked with the para-sympathetic nervous system.  

Yogi Bhajan taught that women are the cornerstone of society.  He would often say that "women are 16 times more powerful than men,"  because of her direct connection to the creativity of the Universe through her ability to grow, nurture, and birth a child.  For this reason women have a much more complex and refined hormonal system then men. However, because of this complex and sensitive system, she is also 16 times more likely to slip into emotional drama.  Therefore we need to possess more strength and intuition.  

For this reason it is vitally important for a woman to intimately understand herself, her psyche, her rhythms, her strengths, and her limitations.  When a woman is off, there is no happiness around her.  When we are on, magic happens!  

A woman has 11 moon centres, which are specific areas on a woman's body which are sensitive to lunar energy.  The moon energy will stay at each of these centres for approximately 2.5 days before moving into the next centre.  Each woman has a unique pattern through which the moon travels and the pattern stays constant throughout her life unless there is a shock or trauma to the body. Childbirth can also cause this pattern to shift.  

The cycle of your moon centres is interdependent of your menstrual cycle, the phases of the moon, and your natal astrological moon.  That is not to say that these other cycles won't have an effect on how you are manifesting the energy of each of these moon centres.  It is important to understand that they are not dependant on each other.  

Knowledge of these centres and the specific qualities that they bring forth gives women a powerful self awareness tool.  Depending on her level of security, of relaxation, these different centres can manifest in a supportive way, or in a way which can create stress and friction as if she is fighting against the reality of the space she is in.  It is important to look at these moon moods from a space of neutrality, there isn't a good and bad, simply balanced and imbalanced.  

The 11 Moon Centres of a Woman


Balanced:  Visionary
You are at your best.  You see the big picture and are closest to your truth.  You communicate through neutrality, are centred, focused, and authoritative.  Your confidence is high, things seem to flow and fall in to place perfectly.  This is a good time for making important decisions, for working out challenges in relationships, or at work.  

Imbalanced:  Paranoid
You feel disconnected from your souls purpose and guidance.  Confusion, disorientation, and uncertainty cloud your mind leading to a sense of paranoia and disconnectedness.  

What to do about it?  Any meditation will do, but particularly ones that activate the arcane or on the aura as a whole will work quickly to bring you back into balance.


Balanced:  Imaginative/Playful
The eyebrows are the most sensitive part of a woman's body, they are the most subtle part of the para-sympathetic nervous system  It is the hair in your arcline and is connected to your pituitary gland.  This is the creative time to dream in your vision, to expand your awareness.  You go beyond the ordinary to sow the seeds that will sprout.  You tune into unseen and unknown elements to bring them into manifestation.  This is not a time for list making or figuring out the "how." It is not a time for important decisions because it is so expansive that it can lack the discernment needed to do so.  Just dream!  

Imbalanced:  Prone to fantasy or illusion/Depression
In a society that praises productivity, you can get down on yourself at this time for being lazy which leads to a depressed state.  It can also swing imbalanced the other way where you go so far into imagination that you get lost in fantasy and feel disconnected or spaced out, loosing touch with the reality that is looking to be served by this space.
What to do about it?  Any meditation will do but particularly meditations that work on the pituitary gland or the 6th chakra.  


Balanced:  Enthusiastic
Yogi Bhajan said that this is the most dangerous time for a woman.  You are filled with exuberant and unpredictable energy - it's like you are a teenager again.  Used wisely, this energy can push you to join in and start doing things you want to do.  It can open you up to new experiences and allow you to move out of your comfort zone.  It can also help you attract the things and people you need to serve your soul's purpose.  You are very magnetic at this time.  

Imbalanced:  Out of Control
This is where we can come into very destructive behaviour that can be very damaging to our psyche and soul.  You can be very reactionary, overly emotional, and out of control.  It has similarities to PMS.  During this time a woman is prone to road rage, or to engage in risky sexual behaviour against her better judgement.

What to do about it:  Intense physical activity.  Something that will move your body, channel that massive energy surge to be used to uplift you.  Make sure you eat well, and don't indulge in sugar or alcohol during this time.  


Balanced:  Assertive
This centre is directly connected to the 3rd Chakra which is the seat of our identity, it is connected with the ego self.  During these 2.5 days your physical energy is very high and charged.  You are self assured and assertive.  You have the power to see things through to completion regardless of resistance.  You are pure raw fire power.  

Imbalanced:  Insecure/Unstable
If you have a weak navel point this can be the most unstable 2.5 days of the month for you.  A weak or unbalanced navel point can manifest feelings of anger, and shame.  You can feel as though everything and everyone is against you.  You are very sensitive to criticism during this time.  

What to do about it?  Balance your navel point.  


Balanced:  Productive/Focused on Details
This is 2.5 days of the month where the backlog of any unfinished items on the to do list will get done.  You are focused on details and completing tasks almost to the point of obsession.  You are clear and confirmed in your tasks and have the life force to complete them.  This is a mode which is very valued in our society, so we feel validated during this time and often wonder what is wrong with us for the other 25.5 days of the month.  It is a woman in her more masculine projection.  

Imbalanced:  Disorganized/Overwhelmed
Stress and overwhelm are the hallmarks of this unbalanced centre.  No amount of list making allows you to get focused and complete the task at hand.  Your creativity is stuck and so are you. 

What to do about it?  The thighs are a very important area on the body.  There are three major nerves that run in the thighs, one of which relates to the bodies creative energy or Ojas.  This energy is like the pure vital juice of life.  We want this energy freely flowing through the body to increase our overall wellbeing and vitality.  Tension or tightness in the thighs can cause big problems for women as it is through the thighs that the blood flow of the ovaries and uterus flows.  


Balanced:  Fullfilled
In this moon centre, you may feel social, but it will have a deeper more intimate quality to it.  This is a good time to take a break in the action and connect with close friends, community or just yourself.  It is a time to pause and reflect.  

Imbalanced:  Empty Feeling/Survival Mode
This centre is connected with the 1st Chakra.  In this space issues of survival and basic security can come up.  The desire for deep meaningful connections that are unfulfilled may lead to depression.  

What to do about it?  Seva.  Seva is a selfless service.  It is more than mere volunteering.  It is service with out the need for recognition.  It is one of the most powerful tools for upliftment because it takes you out of yourself and connects you to a higher purpose, it connects you to gratitude and reverence.  


Balanced:  Compassionate/Giving
This is the realm of the heart centre, the 4th Chakra.  This centre works for the good of all wanting a win/win scenario.  It is the space of the mother, of unconditional love.  You are compassionate, intimate in all of your dealings.  You relate to everything from a feeling level.  

Imbalanced:  Martyr/Victim
If your boundaries are not clear, your tendency towards giving in this centre can turn quickly into over-giving, and for the wrong reasons.  The martyr gives or loves out of a sense of lack and need, not out of compassion and kindness.  The victim sees no part of their own in wrongs done to them.  It is a bleak and sad place.  

What to do about it?  Chant.  Chanting is very healing for the heart centre.  


Balanced:  Communicative/Articulate
Your communication is very uplifting, clear, powerful, and effective.  You can use this time to teach, lead, further projects that require you to communicate with groups of people.  

Imbalanced:  Sharp-Tongued/Blunt
You may feel the need and even feel entitled to speak your truth, but with the agenda of the ego fuelling the communication, it will only serve to hurt, confuse, or alienate people.  If you are feeling angry or insecure, it may be best during these days to keep quiet.  You need to use your sensitivity to tune into where you are at and be cautious before speaking.  Hurtful or unconscious communication can create big problems.  

What to do about it?  Meditate.  Exercise.  


Balanced:  Romantic/Sensitive
You are easily touched by simple gestures of love or kindness and want to give that in return.  This area is connected with the 5th Chakra, the throat and as such can lend a romanticism and tenderness to your communication.  You feel joyful, whimsical and flirtatious about life.  It is a good time to try new things when you are not serious about the results.  

Imbalanced:  Hard to Communicate/Shutdown
At this time it may be difficult to connect to the language of the heart leaving you feeling shut down and unable to speak.  There is a flatness and dullness to your mood and your emotions.  

What to do about it?  Chant.  This is the best most effective way to balance the throat chakra.  Chant any sacred mantra, but particularly those which connect to the heart.  


Balanced:  Analytical Concerning Values and Ethics.  
You are able to clearly connect to your values and see how they are manifesting in the structure of your life.  You are capable of being analytical about deep concerns you may have and how to go about effecting change and healing.  You can see all that is right and wrong in the world and feel very moralistic.  It is a good time to join a cause, or to have a family meeting to discuss the flow of your home.  

Imbalanced:  Judgemental/Over-critical
Beware of  being on a high horse or on your own soapbox.  In your moralistic zeal you need to be aware of tipping over into judgemental frame of mind, particularly with your partner or family members.  

What to do about it?  Meditate.  


Balanced:  Charming/Out-Going
This is the time of the "social butterfly."  You want to be out and seen, preferably in your favourite outfit.  It is a good time for networking, going to a party, have a meeting, really anything social will get your blood pumping.  You are extroverted and confident, up for making new friends.  It is not a great time for serious matters as you are in a fairly whimsical space during these days.  

Imbalanced:  Isolated/Alone
If you are low in prana or feeling insecure at this time, you will have a hard time connecting with people or feel pulled in many directions at once.  It can highlight challenges you have in your social life or friendships.  You may compensate for the loneliness by being gossipy or forming cliques.  

What to do about it?  Meditate.  

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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