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My Top 5 Crystals for Meditation

First of all, you can meditate without the assistance of crystals.  However, if you find yourself attracted to crystals, I want you to understand this could be because you are an old soul and are attuned to the crystalline grid in the centre of the Earth. I find that crystals make my meditations more powerful and help me to ground and anchor my energy.  If you focus on intention setting when meditating, crystals can amplify your intention.  Or, if you prefer to focus on an object during a meditation, there is nothing better than focusing on the beauty and uniqueness of a crystal.  Simply choose a crystal that resonates with you or that holds the power to amplify the intention you wish to set. 

My Top 5 Crystals for Meditation

1) Spirit Quartz
If you are looking to illuminate your spiritual path, this is the crystal for you.  There is just something so magical about its captivating appearance as it is made up of one large crystal studded by many smaller crystals.  Depending on the crystal which makes up its base (amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, smoky quartz) it can sparkle hues of pink, lilac, white, grey, or brown.  The energy of the base crystal is amplified by the presence of these smaller crystals making it one of the most powerful crystals for spiritual growth.  

2)  Phantom Quartz
Is also referred to as the "light stone," symbolizing the divine light that is within us all.  This is the perfect crystal to help light workers connect to their purpose of increasing the light on the planet.  Phantom Quartz activates the seventh chakra, the crown, responsible for filtering divine wisdom from higher realms of consciousness.  It enhances intuition and helps to connect you with your spirits and guides.  

3)  Celestite
Coming from the Latin word Caelestis, meaning Celestial, which signifies its strong associations with heaven, the angelic realm, and the divine.  It is a very calming crystal, making it the perfect choice if you have had a particular crazy day and need some soothing, relaxing energy.  It is all about inner peace, quiet space, and elevating the spirit.  Serves as an intuitive guide on your spiritual journey.   

4)  Shungite 
It is a powerful stone for helping to relieve stress as it removes negative energy and helps to balance the emotions.  It also helps to shield you against electromagnetic frequencies.  It is an excellent grounding stone as it helps to bring your spiritual body down into the physical plane.  Useful during meditations as it helps you to better integrate cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons.  It is said to bring light during times of darkness or uncertainty.  

5)  Selenite
Means moon in greek.  Is the perfect crystal to use while meditating as it promotes peace and calm, by dispelling negative energy.  It opens channels into other worlds, as it enhances spirit.  Promotes clarity, which helps when you are asking for guidance from your spirits and guides.  It helps to clear blocked energy and elevates the spirit.  Helps you to access your intuition.  


Please share your favourite crystals for meditating below and lets inspire each other.  🙏🏼

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