How to Clear or Cleanse your Crystals

By the time a crystal reaches your hands, it has been on quite the journey.  Think Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  💃🏽  The very nature of a crystal is to absorb negative energy and help move any stagnant, stuck energy.  Not only is it important to cleanse or clear your crystals before working with them for the first time.  You will want to perform this ritual regularly, especially if you are setting a new intention.  


1)  The sun burns off old energy and fills the crystal with vibrancy and light.  Place crystals in direct sunlight for four hours or more.  Be careful as some crystals don't do well in the sun and will fade over time.  

2)  During the next full moon, take your crystals outside and bathe them in the light of the full moon for four hours or more.  This is my preferred method as I love the way my crystals feel after being charged under the full moon.  

3)  Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, bells, etc, are effective ways to use the vibration of sound to cleanse your crystals. However, don't place crystals inside the bowl as they can shatter.  

4)  Burn sacred smoke.  Use the sacred smoke of palo santo or white sage to clear your crystals.  Hold the crystals over the smoke for at least thirty seconds.  This is good if you only have a few crystals you wish to cleanse.  It can be time consuming if you have many. 

5)  Selenite cleanses and charges all crystals.  I have several selenite charing plates that I like to keep my crystals on in-between uses.  That way I know they are always ready to go when I need them.  You can also place your crystals around selenite.  That way you know they are always ready to go when you need them.  

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