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How to Clear Energy Blockages with a Pendulum

As an energy healer, I have started to incorporate the use of crystal pendulums in my sessions and have found them to be very effective.  One of my fave ways to use a pendulum is to detect areas in the body where the flow of energy is limited or blocked.  Pendulums also work very well to detect the flow of energy in the 7 chakras.  

Simply hold the pendulum over different parts of the body, or over the 7 chakra points, to determine any areas in the body where the energy is not flowing optimally.  Depending on how the pendulum swings, you will know whether the energy is flowing well, or whether you need to send extra love into that specific area. 

Personally, I like to keep things simple and follow the Electric Health method.  If a pendulum swings in a circle, whether clockwise or counterclockwise, the energy is flowing freely in that particular area.  If the pendulum swings in a line, whether horizontal or vertical, that particular area needs some attention as the flow of energy is stifled.  If the pendulum comes to a dead stop, the energy is completely blocked and needs some extra TLC.  

When I detect an area that is stagnant or blocked, I hold my pendulum over the area and gently swing it in a clockwise direction.  I set the intention and focus on stirring up all energies, positive or negative, bringing those energies to the surface to be released.  Allow the pendulum to continue to swing in a clockwise direction, stirring up the energies, until it comes to a complete stop.  Then, I gently swing the pendulum in a counterclockwise direction, setting the intention to remove all negative energy or chords of attachment from the stuck or blocked area.  I call upon my and my clients white light spirits and guides to assist the process.  Allow the pendulum to continue to swing (this may take several minutes), until it comes to a complete stop on its own.  Then, gently nudge your pendulum in a clockwise direction, setting the intention to fill up the space where the negativity left, with pure white light.  Once again, continue to do this until your pendulum comes to a complete stop.  Don't forget to thank your spirits and guides for assisting you in this energy healing.  

Remember to make any spiritual practice your own, by putting your unique flare on it.  Take what resonates with you and omit what doesn't.

Don’t forget to share your experiences. It is by uniting with other members of the community, that us lightworkers can continue to elevate the vibe.  Namaste.  🙏🏼

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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