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5D Ascension Symptoms

Have you suddenly had body aches and pains that seemingly come from nowhere?  Are you feeling over stimulated and overwhelmed?  There is a very real reason for this lightworker.  In this time of transition from 3D to 5D consciousness, you may be experiencing some ascension symptoms as you are now operating from a much deeper level of knowing.

5D Ascension Symptoms 

Currently, the patterns and behaviours that are not serving our highest good are coming to the light for you to deal with.  This can be intense, because most of us don't like to acknowledge our shadow side.  You may have made a concerted effort to stuff certain emotions deep inside and as they surface, it can be difficult.  Do seek the help of a therapist or alternative healing practitioner to help you through this transition, especially if it is causing trauma for you to revisit old energy.  

As you currently shift between 3D and 5D, you may become disoriented, feel like you don't fit in, or don't know where you belong.  This is completely normal as you shift back and forth between frequencies.  Be sure to keep yourself grounded and surround yourself with others who are on the same path.  

I have definitely noticed that I am more clumsy and am dropping things often.  This comes from the disorientation you may experience as you shift between 3D and 5D.  Try your best to remain present and not think of too many things at once.     Grounding your energy regularly, will help to decrease this clumsiness.  

It's not uncommon to experience unusual aches and pains as you release blocked, stuck, and stagnant energy.  When you shift into 5D, 3D energy can't survive.  Be kind to yourself as you shed the old energy.  

You may find yourself waking up often in the night, especially during the hours of 2 - 4 am.  Additionally, you may be experiencing intense dreams as you deal with your Akash.  These dreams can cause fear as you release lifetimes of old energy.  Don't be fearful lightworker.  You are shedding this old energy once and for all.  If you find it difficult to go back to sleep, use this time wisely.  Journal, meditate, or move your body.  These are the hours to connect with spirit.    

Personally, I am noticing a lot of different smells.  However, you may also be hearing and seeing things as you shift into 5D because your senses are being heightened,  Your psychic and telepathic powers are increasing as well as you tap into an elevated awareness.  

It's important not to become rigid when it comes to your diet as it is going to shift as you ascend.  Becoming more attuned and aligned within, will help you trust your intuition and listen to what your body needs. This is especially important if you have been on diet after diet and have relied on outside sources to tell you what and when to eat.

Personally, I have needed a lot more sleep these days.  For some lightworkers I know, they need less because they are feeling extra energetic from all the inspiration they are receiving.   It is imperative that you listen to and honour your bodies needs.  If your body needs rest, take it.  This can be hard for us in the West because it's all about the hustle.  Keep in mind that you are acclimating and integrating 5D frequency and may need periods of rest as you continue to elevate.  

Are friends disappearing from your life?  I am going to be super honest, as I never saw this coming.  I was friends with someone for 10+ years.  Then one day, he completely ghosted me and disappeared from my life after a very minor disagreement.  We hung out nearly every day and have known each other for over a decade and he completely vanished from my life.  I am not going to lie, it was very difficult.  I have now come to understand that as I evolved and continue to evolve beyond what I used to be, people and surroundings that no longer match my vibration are moving on. Trust me when I say that people who are aligned with your new frequency will show up and your life will be much more richer for it.  Have faith in the process.   

Not only have your same old routines changed, they have become intolerable.  Once again, its because these routines no longer match your current vibration.  This is why it is important you listen to and trust what your body needs.  You will find new routines that light up your soul in ways the old ones never could.  

I have a very real need to eat often and to eat more protein.  In fact, I don't feel satisfied unless I have some protein.  Ascension requires a lot of fuel, give your body the fuel it needs.  That being said, I know of some lightworkers who are eating less, because their body feels lighter and less dense.  Remember, we are all unique and it's important we trust our intuition when deciding what is best for us.  

You may notice weight gain around your abdominal area and are having trouble losing it despite your best efforts.  This is a normal part of the process.  You need to trust in your body, it knows what it needs and what it is doing.  F&*K diet culture and its unrealistic expectations about what your body should look like.  

As you shed the old, it is very normal to experience emotional ups and downs.  Be sure that you find an outlet for these emotions, through movement, so that you don't stuff them deep inside.  There is much all of us old souls are releasing at the moment.  Have kindness and compassion for yourself and others.    

Some days you may feel extreme exhaustion and fatigue.  Your body is going through intense restructuring that is beyond our 3D comprehension.  Be sure to rest and don't struggle against what your body needs.   

Do you feel like you are going crazy?  As you experience new things in 5D, much is opening up for you.  It can feel like you are going crazy as you still have to live in 3D reality.  Trust that this will pass as more and more of us awaken.  Patience is key dear one.

Are you experiencing anxiety or panic attacks?  The ego wants to hold on for dear life, as you shift from old energy to new.  Know that this energy is not needed in 5D.  Nonetheless, it can be very painful as we shift old patterns and behaviours, especially those that have been with us for awhile.       

Depression can set in as you find yourself having to navigate 3D reality, once you have experienced the beauty of a higher vibrational 5D frequency.  Lightworker, know that this shall pass.  Hang in there and get support when needed.  

As an empath, you pick up on and are sensitive to the energies around you.  Right now, there is a lot of fear and negative energy.  It is important to keep your energy high, do not get sucked into the lower vibrations around you.

Are you experiencing headaches or migraines?  In 5D, you are more aware of how your thoughts create your reality.  As you develop new neural pathways in your brain from a new way of thinking and being, you may experience headaches or brain fog.  Be sure to drink lots of water and rest when needed.   

You may experience sore muscles or joints.  It's important that you move your body to assist the assimilation of 5D.  Otherwise, the energy flow in your body will get stuck, causing muscle soreness. 

I thought I was going through pre-menopause because I was experiencing hot flashes daily for a few weeks.  They have since subsided and I have come to understand this as a symptom of ascension.  As you stoke the fire of light within, you burn away all illusions.  You will experience this as heat as the old energy leaves your body.   

Do you have a strong desire to find your purpose?  You will want to help others as you remember who you are and what you came here to do.  Keep asking your spirits and guides and you will be directed toward your purpose.   

I have been noticing number patterns much more frequently than usual.  I often look at the clock at 10:10 or 11:11.  This is your spirits and guides pointing you towards the light.  Thank them and continue to be aware of the signs they are sending you.  

It is imperative for all lightworkers to spend more time alone.  You need time to assimilate, integrate, meditate, and explore 5D energy.  If you are constantly busy, you are distracting yourself from dealing with you shadow side and ignoring your souls calling.  

You become increasingly intolerant of societal systems and believe that everything you have been taught is a lie.  This is not true Starseed.  3D reality is completely different from 5D and the systems that operate within 3D reflect that.  Transmute that anger and frustration into excitement and be inspired by your understanding of how your thoughts and actions create your reality.  

As you trust and believe in your spiritual gifts, your self worth and self love will expand and align with the light.  You will act with compassion and integrity for yourself and others.  This is true personal power.  

Are you feeling creative and inspired?  Are you receiving many creative downloads?  So much comes at me some days, that I can feel overwhelmed and therefore get stuck in inaction.  Be aware that not finding an outlet for or stifling your creative energy can cause pent up energy in the body.  Be sure to find ways to express your creativity.  

Your thirst for knowledge increases when it comes to esoteric knowledge, energy healing, yoga, meditation, etc.  These practices can accelerate your spiritual growth, be sure to listen when you hear the call.       

It is important to remember that everyone is in different stages of their evolutionary process.  Don't focus on what others need to change.  Focus on yourself and you will naturally affect change in other's.  This can't be forced or controlled.    

If you are experiencing some very real physical symptoms, seek the help of an alternative healthcare practitioner that you feel drawn to and resonate with.  There will be times during our ascension journey that we need the support and guidance of fellow lightworkers.  

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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