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3 Ways to Keep Your Ego in Check

If you want to increase your spiritual gifts, a big part of your daily practice should be learning to recognize your ego, and keeping it in check.  When the ego takes over, it blocks you from being able to connect with divine energy, the source of our spiritual gifts.  It is also important to recognize that YOU are not your spiritual gifts, but rather a conduit for them.  It is imperative that you create daily practices that help you to access this energy and to allow it to flow through you by putting your ego in the backseat (no shotgun here). After all, this is what we came here to learn as human beings.  Keeping your ego in check should be a daily practice that you bring awareness, attention, and intention to.  

3 Ways to Keep Your Ego in Check

*Please note that these were inspired by MaryAnn DiMarco.  I highly recommend her book Medium Mentor if you are wanting to learn to enhance your spiritual gifts. 

Take a moment every single day, at whatever time works best for you and practice gratitude.  More specifically, practice gratitude for your spiritual gifts and abilities.  If you want to open yourself up to divine source energy, you must practice gratitude for the ways your angels and guides show up in your life.  The beautiful thing about practicing gratitude, is it creates an abundance mindset, which allows more of the good to flow to you and through you.  Remember to always trust the wisdom you receive from Spirit, even if it doesn't make sense in the moment.  This allows the Universe to know that you are grateful and ready for more.    

Often, when we ask for help from spirit, we then expect it to come in a certain form or at a specific time that we deem fit.  It's important to note that Spirit works on its own timeline and in its own way, which is often a million times better than anything you could ever imagine.  By not wanting to surrender and trusting in the Universe, we allow our ego to take the drivers seat, which only blocks us from what we seek.  Expectations only lead to disappointment.  We must learn to surrender our expectations and trust divine timing.  This keeps the hope alive, by knowing that spirit will answer your call.  

It's important to celebrate not only your wins and successes, but those of your friends as well.  Ego likes to shift us from the abundance mindset, where there is enough for everybody, to that of scarcity and competition.  Always remember that the Universe is abundant and there is more than enough to go enough.  If someone you know has achieved something that you wish to achieve, celebrate with them and let this serve as a reminder to you that your dreams are possible and achievable.  

Use these practices whenever you feel your ego creeping in and taking over.  Awareness is key.  Please understand that ego is a part of us, we can't rid of it completely, but we can learn to work and live with it.    

This article is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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