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Infused Honey

Prep Time:  10 mins     Cook Time:  30 mins     

Serving: 1 cup

Most edibles in your local dispensary are full of sugar, which will leave you feeling low vibe.  By infusing honey, you can make your own healthy cannabis edibles at home.  Simply add this infused honey to your favourite recipes for an elevated treat.  Or simply stir into a cup of coffee or tea for some high vibes.  

Recipe Notes
*Be sure to finely grind your cannabis flower so that more of the beneficial cannabinoids stay in your honey. 
*You must decarboxylate your cannabis flower prior to making infused honey to activate the THF, if you want to experience a high. 
*If using a cannabis concentrate, it will say on the package how much THC is in 1 ml, so dose accordingly.  
*Any type of honey will work.  However, you will get more health benefits by choosing locally sourced, raw, organic honey.  
*You can also use agave nectar, maple syrup, or brown rice syrup instead of honey.  
*Use a double boiler method to gently warm the honey so that you don't destroy all the good stuff in your local honey.  
*Some separation will occur with either method.  Please stir the honey each time you use it to ensure more consistent dosage.  
*Gently heat your honey if it has crystallized to bring it back to its liquid state.  
*To test the potency of your infusions, add a half teaspoon of your infused honey to a cup of tea or spread on toast and see how this dose affects you after a couple hours.  You can increase or decrease the dose from there.  Remember to Start Low and Go Slow.  
*You can add other herbs, such as vanilla, lavender or rose to add both flavour and additional botanical compounds.  

Infused Honey with Flower or Kief by Dawn Rising


d by Dawn Rising

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