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How To Decarboxylate Cannabis in a Mason Jar

Prep Time:  5 mins     Cook Time:  50 mins     

Serving:  3.5 grams

If you are wanting to make your very own healthy cannabis edibles at home, you need to know this very important first step.  This step can't be missed if you want to experience a psychoactive effect from the THC in your cannabis.  THCa (non-psychoactive) is found in living or raw cannabis and is converted to THC (psychoactive) when heated.  

If you live in Canada, we are blessed to be able to walk into a legal shop and buy cannabis edibles.  However, you can only get 10mg of THC in a legal edible, which is not enough if you deal with chronic pain or are a regular consumer.  Most legal edibles contain a lot of sugar or have ingredients that don't pass the requirements for this holistic nutritionist.  Which is why I encourage everyone to make their own edibles at home.  

If you live in an apartment and smell is of concern, this is an inexpensive and smell-proof way to get the job done.  There truly is no smell if you follow the directions.  

Recipe Notes
*The beneficial cannabinoids, such as CBD or THC, need to be activated if you want to get high.  It's important not to skip this crucial first step when making cannabis edibles.  

How To Decarboxylate Cannabis by Dawn Rising

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