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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Prep Time:  20 mins     Cook Time:  10-12 mins     Serving:  18 cookies

The Hot Chocolate Fest is happening here in Vancity.  In the spirit of all things chocolate, I created these Hot Chocolate Cookies.  Pair these with a comforting mug of hot chocolate for a decadent treat.  

Recipe Notes
*Freeze these cookies for up to 6 months in an airtight container.  
*These cookies will not spread when baking, so make sure to gently press the rounded spoonfuls of dough down with the palm of your hand or a large spoon before baking.  
*Gluten-free flour takes some getting used to.  If you want a fudgey cookie, only bake for approx. 10 minutes (cook time depends on your oven).  You want them slightly soft in the middle as they will harden a bit and turn fudgey as they cool.  If you want more of a cake-like cookie, I would bake these for longer, making sure they are not soft in the middle.  

Hot Chocolate Cookies by Dawn Rising

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