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Crockpot Cannabutter

Prep Time:  5 mins     Cook Time:  4 hours     

Serving:  1 cup butter

This is one of the easiest ways to start making cannabis edibles at home.  All you need is two simple ingredients:  butter and decarboxylated cannabis.  Don't worry about the cook time, your crock pot will do most of the heavy lifting and you can just set it and forget it.  

If you live in an apartment and smell is of concern, I got you!  Making your cannabutter in a mason jar is completely smell-free as long as you follow the instructions.  

Recipe Note
*It's up to you what type of butter you would like to use:  salted, unsalted, grass-fed, ghee or vegan butter. The consistency of your baking may vary depending on the butter you decide to use.  
*Personally, I use all the leftover bits I have from rolling my J's.  However, you can use any cannabis flower, CBD or THC.  Kief and hash will work as well. 
*Use your cannabutter in place of regular butter in any recipe. 
*You will want to refrigerate your cannabutter after it is made.  It will go mouldy if left out on the counter. 
*It's ok to heat your cannabutter at whatever temperature your recipe calls for. 
*If you are new to cannabis, always remember to Start Low and Go Slow or start with CBD dominant flower.
*I have a pour over coffee maker that I use to strain my cannabis butter.  You could also use a food grade funnel, a cheesecloth, a fine mesh strainer, or french press.  The end result will separate the plant matter from the butter.  
*You could also store your cannabutter in a silicone mould.  Place on a baking sheet while cooling to prevent spillage as it solidifies.  Make sure to write down the expiration date of the butter you used.   

Crockpot Cannabutter by Dawn Rising

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